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Activity-Based Budgeting derives expense budgets from forecast levels of activities that generate expense. 
Capitalization Table tracks investment, share units, value and payout through a sequence of investment rounds. Securities can be common shares, preferred shares, convertible notes, warrants and options. 
Cash Flow Analysis tracks cash balances, sources and uses of cash over many time periods. It has selectable levels of detail for receipts and payments, and advanced features. 
Cash Flow Analysis for a small start-up business tracks sources and uses of cash and cash balances over time. 
Tracks cash expenditures that a small startup business will face as it begins operations. 
Cost of Goods Analysis computes cost of goods for simple product businesses that make and sell one or more types of finished products. 
Financial Plan for a Business includes four main financial statements and extensive backup information for many sectors of the plan. This version is not specialized for a type of business. 
Financial Plan for a small Business includes four main financial statements and the features most needed by small businesses. 
Financial Plan for Medical Services has all the usual features for a financial plan, plus it tracks patients, procedures, medical staff, equipment utilization, and support organization. 
Financial Plan for Professional Services tracks major and minor engagements by practice areas, and billable professional staff time, in addition to the usual features of a financial plan for a business. 
Financial analysis of an investment project tracks investment, income statement and balance sheet items, cash flow, and measures of return on investment. Includes blended equity, debt and lease financing. 
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