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This model estimates profitability of each customer, and helps to design and track effectiveness of sales incentive plans. 
Marketing and Sales
Marketing Programs Analysis measures effectiveness of programs by computing a contribution margin for each marketing program. 
Marketing and Sales
This model uses market tests to estimate the impact of price changes on sales and (optionally) profit for one product. 
Marketing and Sales
Pricing Analysis uses pricing tests to estimate the impact of price changes on sales and (optionally) profit for several products that affect each other's sales. The model provides information that can help set prices to optimize revenue or profits. 
Marketing and Sales
Product Profitability Analysis estimates profit generated by each product after accounting for cost of goods, royalties, and operating expenses for development, marketing, and customer support.  
Marketing and Sales
Computes planned and actual sales commissions based on revenue and other variables, for each sales representative and each product. 
Marketing and Sales
Sales Plan combines managers' sales targets, sales history and pricing plan. Segmented by products, locations, sales channels, customer industries, and time. 
Marketing and Sales
Sales Plan for a small start-up business tracks planned revenues, sales units, and prices over a specified time range with specified time grain. Compares actual and planned values. 
Marketing and Sales
Provides top-down summary reports and detailed segment views in one flexible and consistent sales report. 
Marketing and Sales
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